Selling FAQ

Q. How much does it cost to sell a car on littlebaymotors.com?

A. Here at littlebaymotors we believe that our members should have the ability to BUY and SELL motor vehicles with very low user fees. Registration is FREE. That allows you to bid auctions. There are some charges associated with listing and selling vehicles. See our pricing page.

Q. I have sold an item but have not received my payment from the buyer. What should I do?

A If you sold an item and have not received payment, contact the buyer immediately by phone or email.

Q. How can I end my listings early?

A. If you want to end a listing early, you must: Log onto you user name. Once you have logged in click on my account. Click on "My Active Auctions." Select the auction you would like to end early. Select the delete box. You will be prompted to verify auction removal, and enter reason for removal.

Buying FAQ

Q. Can I cancel a bid on an item?

A. No, you may not cancel a bid. Be sure you want to bid on an item before bidding.

Q How can I be notified automatically when a vehicle of my interest is listed on littlebaymotors?

A If you would like to be notified automatically about a vehicle of interest you have to go into "my account." Go to the "My Auction Filters" and click "Add a New Filter" and put in the requested vehicle information.

Misc. FAQ

Q. How do I know if an email is really from littlebaymotors, not someone trying to get private information from me?

A. You will know if an email is really from littlebaymotors because it will be listed in the "My Communications" file under "My Account." Communications will be sent to your email address and saved within the system.